Take A Vacation!


Disneyland is for kids…or is it?

I sit here bone weary (23,284 steps) after just one day in Disneyland. Granted we did get up at 3:00 AM on spring forward Sunday just to begin our trip. My wife, Dena, and I are kicking off a 40th wedding anniversary trip with three days in Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom. All day long, Dena and I have been sharing memories of when we brought our three young boys here many (I mean many) years ago. Her parents lived in Thousand Oaks and we spent many a summer vacation here because it was the only thing we could afford.


This is actually the origin of one of my axioms: Take a vacation. There was a second part originally that didn’t make it into my book of axioms. The full saying being: Take a vacation, because it is cheaper than a divorce attorney. I don’t think not taking a vacation would have ever led to a divorce, but Dena’s point was made through this statement and I, as a young father and household provider, heard it loud and clear: we were to take some kind of family vacation, or else.

This lesson is for all you young fathers that think your job – or your bank account — is more important than your family. Let me make this clear: they are not! Your number one job as a father (and mother) is to SHOW UP! One really great way to do this is summer vacations.


There are lots of ways to do this on the cheap and make them meaningful. Go camping nearby, drive to a shack on the beach, or a family’s house, do what you have to do to spend time together. In fact, some of the best family bonding can happen somewhere you least expect it. Be creative and spend time as a fam.



Oh, back to my opening question. Yes, even us old folks without our kids with us are looking forward to spending time in the magic kingdom. But I must admit, I enjoy seeing all the families here with their children. It makes my heart happy that these dads (and moms) have made the choice to spend quality time with their kids.

May the Lord watch over your family!